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Dental implants are basically false roots. There is often confusion among every dentist's patients about this because what you as a patient often see is just the crown that goes on the implant. So I want to start off by letting you know that the implant and the crown that goes on it are two different procedures with two different fees.

Dental implants don't just support crowns. Implants can help support and retain full and partial dentures and even support full arch fixed or non removable full arch teeth. Even if the implants are only helping hold a denture in, that denture will function much better than without implants.

You need to have enough bone for an implant to be placed. For this reason, when you need to have a tooth extracted, the option of a bone graft to preserve the ridge will be made.

Dr. Pierson has been placing dental implants since 2008. Now that Cone Beam 3D imaging units have gotten better and no longer cost a quarter million dollars, we now have one here at Abbott Family Dentistry, LLC. Click here for our page on 3D x-ray imaging. When doing an implant, Dr. Pierson now always takes a 3D cone beam image first. With this high resolution 3D    x-ray, the planing for and selection of the proper implant is much better than when only 2 dimensional x-rays were used. To be honest, Dr. Pierson points out that he feels lucky that he never had a bad implant outcome when he placed implants before 3D x-rays were used because on one of his patients the 2D image indicated that there was room for a long implant. When the 3D image was taken in turned out that a very short implant had to be used. Years later that short implant is still doing just fine!