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When there is enough damage to a tooth, a crown is often needed.  I do not recommend crowns lightly as they have a relatively high cost and require more time to complete.  The crowns I provide are made by dental labs with excellent reputations.  I use a digital scanner for the impression.  I feel that a digital scanner yields an impression that is at least as good as the traditional dental impression and usually is superior.  Additionally, the digital scan is more comfortable that those trays full of goopy impression material.  Because I use a dental lab to make the crown,  I do not offer in office CadCam (computer milled) crowns in my office.  On the surface the in office CadCam crown in a day crown sound great.  In most cases, modern in-office CadCam crowns are considered strong enough to meet the standard of care;  I do not offer them because I feel that the crown made in a dental lab is superior to the in-office crown in terms of strength and in most cases appearance.  Simply put, I can make you a stronger crown at the dental lab than I can by using a CadCam in the office.  The second visit for a lab fabricated crown is much shorter than the first visit and I feel the quality of the lab fabricated crown is superior.  When you consider the high cost of crown, I feel it is worth the time spent for that second visit so that a superior crown can be placed on your tooth.  The better the crown, the longer it should last so in the long run, it could be that the two visit, laboratory fabricated crown will actually mean that over time you could spend less time in the dental chair than the crown-in-a-day crown.  Remember, there is no such thing as a "permanent restoration or crown".  The longer a crown, onlay, or any type of restoration lasts, the less time you will actually spend at the dental office!