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Dental Exam


The dental exam is the most important part of your dental experience.  The goal of the exam is to evaluate for both hard and soft tissue disease of the oral cavity.  Without a proper exam, the path to a healthy dentition and mouth is impossible.

We use digital x-rays, surgical telescopes, transillumination lights, laser cavity detection, and fluorescent cavity detection when doing your exam. Maybe the most important thing is that we listen to your main concern and we spend the time needed to do a proper exam.  

We schedule one full hour for the first adult dental exam.  Most people get a recall exam every 6 months and this exam is usually 1/2 hour or less depending on the individual patients needs.  I have heard practice management experts explain why the dentist should only need 3 minutes for these recall exams with the assistants and hygienist doing everything else.  Well, 3 minutes just is not enough time so don't worry, those recommendations fall on def ears here.

If you recently had an exam at another office, Dr. Pierson will need to redo the exam but he can use recent x-rays from another office if the copies are of good quality.

For those of you who need it, a separate exam is done to evaluate for pain in the muscles of the head and neck that may be causing dental problems.

This type of exam is often called a trigger point exam.